I've spent the majority of my college years trying to figure out my life and I have realized over time that while I'm busy making plans, life quickly passes by. So I took a break from planning my life and things fell into place exactly the way I wanted. Friends and Family are most important to me and I thank God everyday for all the blessings in my life. I am lucky enough to have the best pair of parents, wonderful fun-loving friends, and the most beautiful supportive sorority sisters in the world. I have enjoyed everything life has offered me so far and I am looking forward to all that the future holds for me - and the rest is still unwritten…

Thursday, November 11, 2010

topic #2

No, I wasn't lying when I said I promise to not stop blogging again. I had a few minor speed bumps this week, but we're back on track now. However, I have decided that instead of doing a 30 day challenge, I'm just going to do a 30 topic challenge. This seems more practical to me and a way to justify not being able to blog every single day! haha.. yes, i make excuses for myself.. but who doesn't?!

I know all of you are eager to know why I skipped a few days of blogging. So here is a run down of my oh-so productive, fun-filled, adventurous few days. In case I haven't mentioned before, I love college football and the Georgia Bulldogs. I live right on the Alabama/Georgia border, so of course my entire family is split between teams. I, however, bleed Red and Black. And this weekend is the best weekend for Georgia football. This weekend is the longest running rivalry of college football in the south.. come on people.. its Auburn vs. Georgia weekend!! I have some pretty amazing friends that are students at Auburn so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to catch up with them as well as support my beloved bulldogs! So Tuesday night, LH [who always drives the girls around in her car better known as Sally], my little [Bree -which you will hear more about over various topic challenges] and myself made a trip to Atlanta to pick up my ticket for this weekend. Some people may call it crazy for paying a complete stranger $80 for football ticket, but I call it love. So that's my excuse for missing Tuesday's blogging session... and as for yesterday... class and work mostly consumed my day.. and of course I had to attend the social with Sigma Nu :) Our theme for the social was Disney vs. Nickelodeon... pictures are soon to follow!
So there is the run down of my life the past two days.. which brings us to now.. back to topic challenge #2... so enjoy getting to know me more :)

Topic Challenge #2 - Meaning behind blog name

-         The meaning behind my blog name is simple, really. For the longest time I have lived my life by trying to plan out each individual detail. It took a long time for me to finally realize that as much as I plan and want for things to happen, things [LIFE] is unpredictable. I always thought by planning everything out in my life, somehow, my life would follow that neatly constructed plan. WRONG. And in fact, I could not have been more wrong. It didn’t take long for me to realize that while I was busy making plans, life was happening all around me and I was missing out. So for once, I stopped making plans. I stopped trying to be the driver of my life’s destination. From that point on, my life has been thrown many curve balls and up and down moments. I realize that having a life plan keeps me on track, and don’t get me wrong, I have a plan. But the greatest thing I’ve learned is that sometimes, the “speed bumps” and “alternate routes” are worth taking, its worth having the memories. I could have never imagined that I would have the journey that I’m on now. I have been given so much more than I deserve, and for that, I will be forever grateful.  The past is the past for a reason and the future is unknown to us all… so what better way to live than living right now, in the present, living for the moment.

7, 648 days of my life have already been written, and for the future, well…
the rest is still unwritten
"You may not end up where you thought you were going, but you always end up where you are meant to be."

Monday, November 8, 2010

I'm backkkk :)

Guess who's back?! I couldn't be more excited about blogging again! I was really into it at first, but like so many other things in my life, that quickly faded away. However, I still read other blogs so don't think I completely ignored you! I guess sometimes I feel as though I have nothing to say or what  I want to say doesn't seem important or interesting enough to be on my blog.. but after much pushing from my friends and a desire to share thoughts again.. I'm back and better than ever! I promise to not leave for long periods of time this go around. I promise to blog about whatever.. no matter if it sounds stupid, non important or whatever.

So in honor of my return to the blogging world.. I have stolen the 30 day challenge from my friend Lauren.. so thank you LH :)
I'm super excited to begin this challenge and let everyone in on more details of my life! If you're reading this, then I want you to feel like you know me. So the 30 day challenge will be a great way to get back into the blogging world as well as share different information about me and my crazy roller-coaster life.

So ready or not... Get to know me - Day #1

Hello Blogging World!! My name is Whitney Lott. I am exactly 20 days away from being 21! I am in my third year at the University of West Georiga. I am majoring in Mass Commnuications [Public Relations] with a minor in Marketing. I'm from a small town, southern born and bred. I'm so excited for the place that I'm at in life right now and I can't wait to see what the future holds!

Current picture from a Halloween Social and in honor of her new cd [which i'm completely obsessed with] - I was Taylor Swift :)
15 interesting [or not so interesting] things about me:

1. I plan on studying abroad in Costa Rica for a month this summer to complete my foreign language requirements!
2. I have only been out of the country once, so the above interesting fact is extremely exciting but also a little nerve racking.
3. I am an only child and only grandchild [on my mom's side of the family].
4. I work in the admissions office at UWG.  
5. I absolutely hate gum smacking.
6. I love falling asleep to the the sound of rain at night.
7. I am extremely hot natured so I love the cold weather but my heart belongs at the beach!
8. I played basketball and softball in high school. Sports are my passion.
9. I believe that laughter is the best medicine for any situation.
10. I believe in wishing on shooting stars.
11. I am a member of Alpha Xi Delta I credit the best times of college to these women!
12. I received the position of Public Relations on Panhellenic Executive Council for the upcoming year and I am absolutely thrilled to work with the great women from every sorority!
13. I am lucky enough to have the ability to fix my hair however i'm feeling for the day. It curls great and straightens in only a few seconds. I thank God for this wonderful gift.
14. I believe in learning from situations and experiences instead of regretting them.
15. I hate making decisions.. even decisions about what to eat for dinner. I like making people happy :) 

Day #1 is complete! Hope you enjoyed and learned a few new things about me! More exciting details of my life are to come in the following 29 days... so get excited :)