I've spent the majority of my college years trying to figure out my life and I have realized over time that while I'm busy making plans, life quickly passes by. So I took a break from planning my life and things fell into place exactly the way I wanted. Friends and Family are most important to me and I thank God everyday for all the blessings in my life. I am lucky enough to have the best pair of parents, wonderful fun-loving friends, and the most beautiful supportive sorority sisters in the world. I have enjoyed everything life has offered me so far and I am looking forward to all that the future holds for me - and the rest is still unwritten…

Monday, August 16, 2010

another day of class

so today was another day of class.. first day of monday and wednesday classes though. my classes were pretty good today. spanish is going good so far and marketing was great today! i think i'm really going to like it. i got information on joining the marketing club.. i got information on it after class today and the first project the club is working on is with the Atlanta Falcons! Of course I was immediately sold on this idea.. this is exactly what I want to do after graduation so I am thrilled at the possibility of working with the Falcons marketing team. On another happy note.. one of my best friends and I re-wrote a song for Rush this year! It will be sung on sisterhood and follows a song by Lady Antebellum.. my personal favorite :) Tonight was the first time I heard my chapter sing the revised song for Rush and it made me so happy!! It actually gave me chill bumps and brought tears to my eyes! Its a truly amazing feeling to be apart of such a wonderful sisterhood. Its hard to be disaffiliated from my chapter during Rush but with great sisters in charge, i know everything will work out for the best and just the way God intends it to! I can't wait for all the freshman to meet my wonderful sisters! Rush, please hurry along! I can't wait to add baby xi's to our chapter :)

As I mentioned in my last post, questioning certain things will force you to re-evaluate your life. A new change I'm making in mine.. or atleast hope to make.. working out again! I was soooo active in highschool and I really do miss it. Some days, I barely had time to take a breath in highschool, and in a weird crazy way.. i miss that! So tomorrow morning.. its gym for me at 7a.m! Of course I won't be alone.. I'll be enjoying an early morning, blood pumping workout with some amazing sisters, Emily and Lauren! This should make for a very interesting day but I'm excited! Life was pretty random today so no certain thought for a quote.. I'll just leave one of my favorites :)

"You're never fully dressed without a smile." -Annie

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